Presilium serves clients at different levels depending on their requirements. The sole objective is to provide cost effective inputs critical for informed decision making. While some engagements are strategic others are quick but tactical in nature. We serve both areas by tracking external and internal market environments to unearth vital links within the focused sector/industry.

PRISM Framework

Based on our PRISM (Plan, Research, Infer, Suggest and Monitor) framework, we take a holistic approach by scanning macro and micro environments through secondary and primary research to mine quantitative and qualitative data. Every bit of data is triangulated for accuracy using carefully constructed proxies. Subsequently, extrapolation methods are used to arrive atprojections and intelligence. These data and intelligence is finally integrated to derive actionable insights and presented in the reports.


We follow a logically sequenced process and seek regular feedback from our clients to ascertain desired quality and timeliness of the output.