Industry/Sector Research

As markets evolve, industries traverse different paths with new products, technologies and players determining its success and propagation. Presilium offers industry research services critical to strategic decision making.

Our offerings include:

  • Industry reports
  • Industry tracking

We analyze macro-economic environment, industry ecosystem, demand supply dynamics, competitive landscape, policies & regulations, emerging trends and future outlook. This comprehensive review helps clients understand industry trajectory, measure of performance and attractiveness in greater depth.

Industry research also helps companies understand their position in the market, capitalize on opportunities, identify competitive strengths and develop intuitive strategies to improve performance. For outside observers, this provides inputs for developing entry strategies, target identification and investment foray.

We also track industries on predetermined parameters on a continual basis. The findings are presented as periodic newsletters or quick read snapshot reports.

Case Studies

Assessment of opportunities in the GCC Hotel industry

This engagement was executed for a reputed UAE based Investment Bank. The objective was to conduct an in-depth study of the Hotel industry and spot latent opportunities for institutional investors planning investments in this sector. Through extensive secondary research the team prepared the report and also built an industry model estimating future performance. The report was published on time and received excellent press. As a result, work on other sectors in the region was awarded.

Assessment of innovation landscape in Indian industry

An apex innovation agency in Europe wished to assess the market potential for Innovation products and services in India to build a roadmap for the internationalization program. In depth assessment of the Indian industry was done through a combination of secondary and primary research. The exercise focused on the current innovation ecosystem, government initiatives to promote innovation, different sectors active in technology propagation, R&D spends, major stakeholders and government regulations. It also analyzed the geographic clusters and mapped it with sectoral activities. The study conclusively highlighted the potential of innovative technologies in 8 different sectors in India together with the thrust areas for the government in the next decade. Our research provided valuable insights and enabled the client to take positive steps forward in formulating future roadmap.