Industrial Products

Assessing the potential for Containers (TEU) market in India

A reputed industry house looking to diversify wanted to gauge the container (TEU) market in India and its manufacturing potential in the country. A carefully planned study was conducted to ascertain the size of the market, demand projections, existing supply scenario and price patterns by interviewing a large sample of market participants and independent observers. Based on the research, a report citing moderate attractiveness of the market and manufacturing potential in India was presented to the client. This enabled the client to plan a limited entry and commit only necessary resources.

Partner selection for Flow control devices (valves)

The team had worked on this engagement for a diversified Indian conglomerate. The objective was to spot and build a list of prospect companies from around the world to initiate dialogue for technical collaboration. The assignment was broken down to smaller steps and then executed through a combination of secondary and primary research. An initial list of 20 companies was prepared and assessed further for product and technology synergy. Finally, 8 companies were contacted to gauge interest levels for collaboration. Eventually, 5 companies evinced interest and the team facilitated dialogue with the client.

Assessing potential of the Metal injection molding industry

A mid market M&A advisory firm intended to assess the market potential for the Metal injection molding industry in North America and major emerging applications. In depth assessment of the sector was done through secondary research. The focus was on market sizing, segmentation by applications and major driving forces for the industry. The study conclusively cited the potential of the industry, key drivers for growth and established the major emerging application segments. Our research enabled the client to successfully build the M&A strategy.

Partner selection for a US manufacturer of Professional kitchen product

Assessed market for the product under consideration and recommended appointment of an exclusive distributor as an entry option. The team identified local manufacturers and importers/distributors of allied professional kitchen products. The prospects were evaluated on the basis of predetermined parameters and shortlisted 5 companies. Conducted preliminary due diligence on these players by visiting their plants & offices, determining their market reputation and management credentials by speaking with their customers, vendors & employees. Also understood expectations of potential partners from the client/principal & gauged their willingness for partnership. Finally arrangements were made for our client to interact with the short listed players.

Based on our overall assessment and initial due diligence, the client went ahead with detailed financial due diligence for 2 players and eventually appointed one as their exclusive India distributor.