Transportation & Logistics

Seasonality of freight rates in Road transport sector for 12 trunk routes in India

A top management institute sought assistance to study the seasonality of freight rates in road transport. 12 trunk routes were selected for the study with the objective of building a dynamic transport economy model. The study was executed through extensive field research by traveling to all major cities along these routes. Freight rates were studied for both contract and spot markets for different truck configurations. A comprehensive report was presented citing strong seasonality of rates which received very good response and helped the client in build the model successfully.

Customer satisfaction study (CSS) for a Shipping agency in Saudi Arabia

A shipping agency wanted to evaluate its processes and service capabilities by conducting a CSS. The team undertook a comprehensive study with 10 major existing customers. The study focused on 5 critical aspects enquiry stage, services execution, commercial terms, complaint redressal and trust perception. The findings were also compared with similar inputs for other shipping agencies from the region. The results helped the client understand its strengths and areas of improvement which initiated actions to reengineer certain processes.

Competitor benchmarking for the Express courier market in India

A large international logistics services company sought assistance to understand the operations and regional penetration of its major competitors. The team executed the assignment through extensive field research and gathered information on operations, number of offices, sales structure and focus areas. The report threw light on the existing operational gaps leading to affirmative action narrowing down differences with the leaders.

Feasibility study for a Container terminal in Saudi Arabia

A shipping agency wanted to explore the possibility of setting up a container terminal near a major port in Saudi Arabia. The team analyzed market conditions and the revenue potential of a container depot in the region and submitted a detailed report on the feasibility which included terminal design and investment plan with cash flow models. The report helped the agency decide favorably on the project and go ahead with the implementation.