Water and waste water management market in India

A leading business house wanted to gain deeper understanding of the Water and waste water management market in India to be able to formulate an investment plan. The team conducted an in depth study of the industry through a combination of desk research and primary interactions (with senior management of leading players) and presented the findings. The report was very well received and provided critical inputs citing tremendous potential of the sector which enabled the client to decide positively on their investment foray.

Assessment of interest levels in foreign investment amongst Middle East investors

A boutique consulting firm working with a government investment promotion agency wanted to gauge interest levels and assess potential of Middle East organizations in overseas investments. The objective was to create a targeted marketing campaign for attracting FDI. The team executed the study through extensive primary research. Senior executives from investment houses and large corporations in the region were interviewed to understand their views and future plans along with key parameters for consideration of investment. Based on these interactions, a detailed report consisting of insights on preferred sectors, regions, critical parameters and prospect profiles was presented. The engagement was later rolled out for some more countries.

Assessment of innovation landscape in Indian industry

An apex innovation agency in Europe wished to assess the market potential for Innovation products and services in India to build a roadmap for the internationalization program. In depth assessment of the Indian industry was done through a combination of secondary and primary research. The exercise focused on the current innovation ecosystem, government initiatives to promote innovation, different sectors active in technology propagation, R&D spends, major stakeholders and government regulations. It also analyzed the geographic clusters and mapped it with sectoral activities. The study conclusively highlighted the potential of innovative technologies in 8 different sectors in India together with the thrust areas for the government for the next decade. Our research provided valuable insights and enabled the client take positive steps forward in formulating future roadmap.

Competitive intelligence for the Online travel industry in India

A leading international investment bank wished to take a deeper look at 4 major players in the online travel industry to prepare a plan for its investment foray. The team conducted a thorough study on the selected players and benchmarked them on parameters like gross bookings, revenue margins, technology adoption and internet metrics. The study also covered the market structure, evolving dynamics, key developments and future plans of these players. The report generated critical inputs which helped the client successfully formulate their investment plan.