Competition Analysis

Present day environment calls for constant monitoring of competition to preempt disruptive strategies affecting businesses adversely. Presilium offers competition analysis to assist companies stay ahead and gain ground over competition in this hyper active market.

Our services include:

  • Competitor profiles
  • Competition tracking

We analyze competitive landscape, evaluate markets, products/services, supply chain, strategic initiatives, financial metrics, organization and more to create comprehensive competitor profiles.

We also monitor competition by tracking key information. This can be on a one off or continual basis. In case of continuous competition tracking for predetermined parameters, the findings can be presented in the form of a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Our services highlight gaps and areas for improvement, set benchmarks and help negate threats that may emerge.

Case Studies

Competitive intelligence for the Online travel industry in India

A leading international investment bank wished to take a deeper look at 4 major players in the online travel industry to prepare a plan for its investment foray. The team conducted a thorough study on the selected players and bench marked them on parameters like gross bookings, revenue margins, technology adoption and internet metrics. The study also covered the market structure, evolving dynamics, key developments and future plans of these players. The report generated critical inputs which helped the client successfully formulate their investment plan.

Competitor benchmarking for the Express courier market in India

A large international logistics services company sought assistance to understand the operations and regional penetration of its major competitors. The team executed the assignment through extensive field research and gathered information on operations, number of offices, sales structure and focus areas. The report threw light on the existing operational gaps leading to affirmative action narrowing down differences with the leaders.