Customer Analysis

It is imperative for any business to stay connected with its customers regardless of the challenges. With the adage "Customer is King" becoming more profound by each day, it is critical to understand and act suitably to fulfill their needs. Today, with significant churn and wavering loyalty, proper assessment of existing and potential customers will play a key role in determining sustainability and success of any business.

Presilium assists companies to understand requirements of both, internal (channel partners/dealers/distributors) and external (end users) customers. This results in strategy realignment as per market requirements eventually improving chances for acquisition, satisfaction and retention of customers.

We offer:

  • Customer satisfaction (CS) /Voice of Customers (VOC) studies
  • Customer profiles

CS/VOC study determines key customer needs, perception, desires and preferences. It also measures the level of satisfaction after experiencing a product or service. This provides quantitative and qualitative ratings to design/improve products, services and processes. Such studies can also be used to measure organizational and individual performance by integrating results with Performance Management System. Our focus is on triggering improvement initiatives based on the feedback and not mere aggregation of the findings.

Within customer profiles, key information covered include business units, products and services, financials, key people, strategic plans, recent developments and more. This helps clients understand their customers better and plan targeted sales & marketing campaigns.

Case Studies

Customer satisfaction study (CSS) for a Shipping agency in Saudi Arabia

A shipping agency wanted to evaluate its processes and service capabilities by conducting a CSS. The team undertook a comprehensive study with 10 major existing customers. The study focused on 5 critical aspects enquiry stage, services execution, commercial terms, complaint redressal and trust perception. The findings were also compared with similar inputs for other shipping agencies from the region. The results helped the client understand its strengths and areas of improvement which initiated actions to re-engineer certain processes.

Assessment of interest levels in foreign investment amongst Middle East investors

A boutique consulting firm working with a government investment promotion agency wanted to gauge interest levels and assess potential of Middle East organizations in overseas investments. The objective was to create a targeted marketing campaign for attracting FDI. The team executed the study through extensive primary research. Senior executives from investment houses and large corporations in the region were interviewed to understand their views and future plans along with key parameters for consideration of investment. Based on these interactions, a detailed report consisting of insights on preferred sectors, regions, critical parameters and prospect profiles was presented. The engagement was later rolled out for some more countries.