M&A Support

Since long time there has been a debate amongst businesses on whether to 'Make or Buy’ for increasing volumes, penetrating new geographies or expanding product portfolio. Market conditions determine adoption of any such strategy. In the present day, M&A strategy plays a vital role in determining competitive position, market share and scale of operations. To assist companies in this area, Presilium offers:

  • Target identification & selection
  • Market due diligence

We follow a systematic process for identifying suitable targets. Our objective assessment helps in selecting the most suitable prospect(s) for acquisitions or alliances.

It is important for any company to understand the impact of market conditions, competitors, customers, regulations, technology, trends and other factors before pursuing acquisitions. Through market due diligence, Presilium determines potential, competitive position and possible synergy of target companies. This helps buyers build strong rationale for valuation and price negotiations.

Case Studies

Target identification in the Auto components industry in India and South East Asia

A diversified Indian conglomerate wished to scan Auto component manufacturers operating in India and South East Asia using steel, aluminum and plastics as raw materials. The objective was to spot potential targets for acquisition. The team conducted extensive meta scan of the players in these countries and put together a list of 150 companies. Next, the list was narrowed down to 75 companies based on revenues, customer base and product portfolio. Finally, 30 companies were short listed and profiled in detail. The study enabled the client to zero in on their desired target and decide positively on their investment foray.

Identification of prospects in the global Power transformers market

A mid market investment bank looking for potential targets wanted to gain deeper understanding of major global Power transformer manufacturers. A stage-wise study was conducted keeping in mind pre determined parameters for short listing companies. The meta scan yielded a list of 30 companies. Further filtering based on additional parameters narrowed down the list to 20 companies. Subsequently, these companies were profiled in depth which enabled the client to clearly focus on the prospects and build M&A strategy.